Definition of belfie in English:


nounplural noun belfies

  • A photograph that one has taken of one's own buttocks, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

    • ‘she had posted a racy belfie online’
    • ‘She uploaded a ‘belfie’ of her peering seductively over her shoulder at the camera in a nude two-piece.’
    • ‘Prime your glutes, grab your camera, and take the ultimate belfie with these tips.’
    • ‘Taking photos of your bare butt, dubbed a ‘belfie’, has become a recent travel trend on social media.’
    • ‘She shared a picture of her incredible pert posterior on Twitter and continued the celebrity belfie trend.’
    • ‘The goal of the belfie is to highlight your rear-end assets.’
    • ‘The belfie—otherwise known as pictures of your own naked bum—is taking Instagram feeds by storm.’
    • ‘The month she posted her infamous white bikini belfie butt lifts rose by 136 percent.’
    • ‘They once posed together for an unashamed belfie, flaunting their enviable bottoms.’
    • ‘Bathing beauties have been flashing their all-but-naked bodies on Instagram as they contort themselves to get the best belfie.’
    • ‘As ‘belfies’ become the pic du jour, we begin to wonder why we are so obsessed with our bottoms.’



/ˈbelfē/ /ˈbɛlfi/


Early 21st century blend of bum, bottom, or butt and selfie.