Definition of believe me in English:

believe me


(also believe you me)
  • Used to emphasize the truth of a statement.

    ‘believe me, she is a shrewd woman’
    • ‘Since more people think I'm quite chatty here and seem open to talking about EVERYTHING, they expect that I am quite the tell-all girl, but believe you me, there's so much I don't feel okay writing about.’
    • ‘Young Higgins will go where the money is, believe you me.’
    • ‘They won't have a transcript, but don't you worry, believe you me, if there is a discrepancy in which either side promised something in opening and they didn't deliver, they will hear about it in closing from the other side.’
    • ‘Because it hurts, believe you me, it hurts to see people who have to reach home early at night and lock up their doors.’
    • ‘I'm sure people who don't work in supermarkets think it is GREAT, but believe you me, it isn't if it is you who has to work those hours.’
    • ‘Sounds almost boring as you describe it after the fact, but believe you me, this play will have you on the edge of your seat - a mean feat given the play is 96 minutes long with no intermission.’
    • ‘If you have problem, believe you me, you would be glad to have someone like me on your side - from stealing a to murdering your husband.’
    • ‘And believe you me, when she enters a room that room stops stone dead although with her own admission that geography is not her strong point, you wonder if she needs a map to get from the Green Room to the stage!’
    • ‘‘I don't agree with all the people here, believe you me,’ he said.’
    • ‘But believe you me, he's as gutted as the rest of us.’