Definition of bell-shaped in English:



  • Having a shape that resembles that of a bell.

    ‘a small wild flower with bell-shaped blossoms’
    • ‘The bell-shaped, chalk-white flowers appear in late spring and exude a wonderful honey scent.’
    • ‘Its tiny, bell-shaped, cobalt-blue flowers, each with a very delicate white border, form a compact cluster.’
    • ‘Its branches contain alternating, elliptical, bright green leaves, and its flowers, which appear from April to June, are reddish or pink, and bell-shaped.’
    • ‘The shrubs' flowers are bell-shaped and hang like so many Chinese lanterns on a single stem.’
    • ‘The flowers are bell-shaped and open at night.’
    • ‘Its large, bell-shaped blooms produce a fragrance that squirrels find offensive.’
    • ‘The flowers are clusters of bell-shaped blossoms on stems that rise above the foliage, leaves being deep green and either oval or lance shaped.’
    • ‘Shoots grow up and over this wire and fall under their own weight to form a bell-shaped canopy.’
    • ‘There were little bud vases filled with flowers, wrapped with ribbon, there were rose petals everywhere, and bell-shaped confetti.’
    • ‘The rise of the New Progressives, as Ray calls them, contravenes the commonly held position that America's political landscape resembles a bell-shaped curve, in which small numbers occupy the fringes and the bulk of citizens reside in the passive center.’
    • ‘You wouldn't expect this to be a bell-shaped distribution, because there is a lower limit to what people can guess.’
    • ‘This plant owes its name to its bell-shaped flowers.’
    • ‘Depending on the bulb size, three to five bell-shaped flowers dangle from each long, fairly sturdy flower stem.’
    • ‘He was waiting for the workmen to get ready for the photograph when he saw this strange bell-shaped flying object in the sky.’
    • ‘Place live stems of white lilies cut to slightly different heights in a bell-shaped glass container.’
    • ‘We put the animal in a little bell-shaped jar.’
    • ‘Cordelia smoothed down the bell-shaped skirt of her costume, smiling secretively to herself.’



/ˈbelSHāpt/ /ˈbɛlʃeɪpt/