Definition of bell curve in English:

bell curve


  • A graph of a normal (Gaussian) distribution, with a large rounded peak tapering away at each end.

    ‘The second way to read pulses differently is to read the pulse wave as a sine curve rather than a bell curve.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the prevalence curve slowly changed and the area below the curve slowly grew so that later graphs I have seen, all tended to assume the appearance of a normal bell curve.’
    • ‘This is because the percentile scores are not equally distributed on the bell curve.’
    • ‘In a proper classification you would expect to see the natural distribution of your documents represented as a bell curve.’
    • ‘A bell curve emerges as the number of calls in the center of the sales cycle spikes and the number of inquiries from customers needing pre- or post-sales information decreases.’


bell curve

/bel kərv/ /bɛl kərv/