Definition of bellwort in English:



  • A plant of the lily family bearing slender yellow bell-like flowers and found chiefly in eastern North America.

    Genus Uvularia, family Liliaceae: several species, including the large-flowered bellwort (U. grandiflora) and the perfoliate bellwort (U. perfoliata)

    ‘The similar sessile-leaf bellwort has leaves that clasp the stem and smaller cream-colored flowers.’
    • ‘Virginia bluebells, bellworts, wild ginger and wild columbines are only a few to be seen in the park.’
    • ‘As with regular bellwort, it emerges in very early spring and is topped by small yellow flowers.’
    • ‘In Kentucky, the plant is often associated with azaleas, mountain laurels and bellworts under the dappled shade of birch trees.’
    • ‘The stems of the flowered bellworts rise to your knees, bend, and droop low under their heavy ovate leaves and lemon-colored, bell-shaped flowers.’



/ˈbelwərt/ /ˈbɛlwərt/ /ˌbelˈwôrt/ /ˌbɛlˈwɔrt/