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belly button

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  • A person's navel.

    • ‘Squeeze your buttocks, draw your belly button to your spine and tilt your pelvis.’
    • ‘She is nude and the image shows her body from her belly button to her knees.’
    • ‘Most want ear or nose piercings, although a few prefer to have their belly button or genitals pierced.’
    • ‘Worn on all parts of the body, face, back, belly button or ankle, the crystal tattoo will last on the skin for several days.’
    • ‘She asked me to picture Mother Earth holding me and rocking me and had me hold my hand over my belly button.’
    • ‘I don't want the area from my waist to my belly button exposed to the harsh cold wind.’
    • ‘Her body was completely opened up, from the belly button up to her neck.’
    • ‘As I finish the inward sweep to my belly button, my hands turn out and push back.’
    • ‘This produced a scar that stretches from hip to hip and a new belly button.’
    • ‘Your arms should be bent at a comfortable angle, with hands in loose fists and below the belly button.’
    • ‘Now rotate your hips so your belly button is pointing in the opposite direction of the extended arm.’
    • ‘She turned sideways and stared at her stomach and felt the smooth skin around her belly button.’
    • ‘She placed her hand across her chest, above her belly button and away from the gauze bandage.’
    • ‘Teach the client to visualize pulling the belly button towards the spine.’
    • ‘Eschewing low rise is one thing, but jeans should not cover your belly button.’
    • ‘I began to panic from the ripping pains in my stomach from the belly button down.’
    • ‘She had pale skin, and her belly button twirled inward, while mine buttoned out on my tummy.’
    • ‘Keep your torso stable, and continue pulling your belly button in while breathing normally.’
    • ‘Another traditional Chinese medical method is to apply a herbal paste to the belly button so that its essence can be absorbed there.’


belly button

/ˈbelē ˌbətn/ /ˈbɛli ˌbətn/