Definition of bellyboard in English:



  • A small surfboard ridden in a prone position.

    ‘the kids were up early to hit the surf, decked out with buckets, spades, and bellyboards’
    • ‘Not all surfboard manufacturers made Bellyboards.’
    • ‘The bellyboard is painstakingly hand sanded and polished to a beautiful sheen using linseed oil, turps and beeswax.’
    • ‘These beautiful precursors to the bellyboard were also known as "hotel boards" because they were loaned by the hotels to their guests for personal use.’
    • ‘Modern surfing techniques as well as the modern stand-up board, nonetheless, were influenced by the bellyboard.’
    • ‘Conversely, some bellyboards were like shorter versions of stand-up boards.’
    • ‘I'm thinking of making a bellyboard just as a novelty and to pass away a few hours (not neglecting my standup).’
    • ‘My Other Half, who normally surfs a longboard and looked down his nose at my foam boogieboard, tried my bellyboard once and was hooked!’
    • ‘I had won a fine pair of vintage trunks on ebay that were the inspiration behind the paintjob for my bellyboard.’
    • ‘I practised on my bellyboard, and was surprised at how not scary it was.’
    • ‘I was on my way with my bellyboard but then chickened out.’
    • ‘In the southwest of England through the counties of Devon and Cornwall, these bellyboards are still in wide use, even so much as to have their own championships and organisation.’
    • ‘The board you've bought is a bellyboard, used in waves and very popular in England from the 1930s onwards.’
    • ‘I rode a Styrofoam bellyboard, one of the cheap flimsy types you can find in tourist shops.’
    • ‘You can hire Malibu boards and the more popular traditional plywood belly-boards from local shops.’



/ˈbelēˌbôrd/ /ˈbɛliˌbɔrd/