Definition of below the line in English:

below the line


  • 1Finance
    Denoting or relating to money spent on items of capital expenditure.

    • ‘a $4 million extraordinary charge below the line’
  • 2Marketing
    Denoting or relating to advertising by means such as direct mail, email, promotional events, etc.

    ‘they choose to spend the bulk of their budget in below-the-line digital marketing’
    • ‘Some wireless carrier executives said the company also spends more on below-the-line marketing than any device-maker.’
    • ‘Research shows that for certain customers below-the-line marketing is much more effective than above-the-line marketing.’
    • ‘A combination of below-the-line media deliver a good media mix that carries the consumer down the media path to persuasion effectively.’
    • ‘The TVC is supported with radio spots, an online campaign, signage, and a series of below-the-line offerings.’
    • ‘The role will incorporate a mix of above and below the line, digital, print, display and social marketing.’
    • ‘The launch will be supported by a variety of above- and below-the-line marketing activities, including trade and consumer PR support.’
  • 3Bridge
    Denoting points for tricks bid and won, which count toward the game.

    • ‘Anything the opponents had below the line does not count towards the next game - they start from zero again.’
  • 4Denoting or relating to a section at the end of an online article or blog post in which readers can post comments.

    ‘the issue causes embarrassment in the UK, as you can see from the numerous comments below the line’
    • ‘I'm going to blog some reactions to today's expected marriage rulings, below the line.’
    • ‘We will usually provide some commentary below the line.’
    • ‘From reading below the line here there seem to be quite enough people who share your views without needing to make them up.’
    • ‘Share your best attempts below the line here.’
    • ‘Thanks for all your contributions via email and below the line.’
    • ‘The piece highlighted the more insidious sides of racism and ignited a fierce debate below the line.’
    • ‘It's things like that which rile up the below-the-line commentators the most!’
    • ‘Judging from the number of blogs and articles, below-the-line comments and phone-ins, the tastes of fans have changed.’
    • ‘Below-the-line comments from the public fizz with outrage.’


below the line

/bəˌlō T͟Hə ˈlīn/ /bəˌloʊ ðə ˈlaɪn/