Definition of belt loop in English:

belt loop


  • 1A strip of material sewn on to the waistband of a garment to hold a belt in place.

    ‘he stuck his thumbs in his belt loops’
    • ‘I've lost the belt, so I am considering cutting off the belt loops.’
    • ‘Their jaws slack, they slouch just so, and their thumbs hook their belt loops.’
    • ‘In the nearing dusk I watched as she shrugged her shoulders and slid her thumbs through the belt loops of her shorts.’
    • ‘He moved with a confident stride, hooking his thumbs through the belt loops of his pants, and keeping his head high.’
    • ‘She found a long piece of black ribbon and looped it through her belt loops.’
    • ‘I hooked my thumbs through my belt loops and observed the class.’
    • ‘He won the Masters wearing pants with belt loops but no belt.’
    • ‘Wear a stiff, quality belt which fills the belt loops on your trousers.’
    • ‘He'd got stuck fast halfway through, his belt loop was jammed on the window latch, and there was no way of moving up, down, in or out to free himself.’
    • ‘The boys wore brown leather shoes with knee length socks, khaki brown shorts with belt loops, leather belts with scout buckles, and khaki shirts.’
    1. 1.1A loop used to attach an object to a belt.
      ‘screws on the belt loop lock the holster securely to the belt’
      • ‘The location of the holster will change given the location of the belt loop.’
      • ‘The stitching is clean and even, with double reinforcing where the holster meets the belt loops.’
      • ‘I like being able to slide the holster along my belt and my belt loop never seems to be in the right place.’
      • ‘It comes in a soft-sided case with a belt loop that easily attaches to a woman's clothing or pack.’
      • ‘An oversize belt loop lets the holster slide around on the belt.’
      • ‘The entire belt loop swivels to-and-fro to offer you the utmost in carry options and comfort.’
      • ‘I noticed a spacer in the belt loop to keep it from flopping when worn on the belt.’
      • ‘The belt loop is very sturdy, and seems almost indestructible.’
      • ‘The swiveling design of the belt loop is nothing short of genius!’
      • ‘It has one belt loop on the back of the holster, and a second on the trailing edge.’