Definition of bench warrant in English:

bench warrant


  • A written order issued by a judge authorizing the arrest of a person charged with some contempt, crime, or misdemeanor.

    ‘The judge then issued a bench warrant for her arrest.’
    • ‘When she again did not come to court, the judge issued a bench warrant charging her with failure to appear.’
    • ‘There had been a bench warrant issued for his arrest, and his bail was about to be revoked.’
    • ‘The judge issued a bench warrant, and she reappeared six weeks later when the police arrested her and brought her to court.’
    • ‘A judge can issue a bench warrant that allows you to appear in court on your own.’
    • ‘If a participant failed to appear for the hearing, a bench warrant for arrest was issued.’
    • ‘A high court judge has warned that a bench warrant would be issued for the woman ordered to be extradited to the United States to answer drug trafficking charges, if she did not show up in court today.’
    • ‘He forfeited bail costs of $100,000 and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.’
    • ‘A bench warrant had since been issued for their arrest.’
    • ‘On Tuesday a bench warrant was issued for his arrest at Limerick District Court when he failed to appear to face two public order offence charges.’
    • ‘Scarborough magistrate orders his arrest on a bench warrant without bail for failing to appear in court for a larceny matter involving a minor.’
    • ‘A bench warrant was issued for his arrest, moments after his conviction.’
    • ‘The judge studied the probation report, noted no mention of her children, and issued a bench warrant for her apprehension.’
    • ‘In normal conditions, this bench warrant would have been issued Tuesday evening and she never would have been in a cell at all.’
    • ‘He says I'm rescinding bail, I'm issuing a bench warrant and I'm going to hold it for an hour.’
    • ‘Periods of abscondence, during which a bench warrant was issued, were not included in the analysis.’
    • ‘A second Chinese man was also convicted and deported and a bench warrant was issued for a third attacker.’
    • ‘If you don't, a bench warrant is issued with your name on it, and you face deportation.’
    • ‘But she says that even prior to this recent case, people arrested for negligence in fine payment were only served with a bench warrant, meaning they were brought before a judge and not sent automatically to prison.’
    • ‘The 19-year-old went on the run twice while waiting for her case to be heard, but was arrested on a crown court bench warrant.’