Definition of bend someone's ear in English:

bend someone's ear


  • Talk to someone, especially with great eagerness or in order to ask a favor.

    • ‘she regularly bent Michael's ear with her problems’
    • ‘Once the artists have bent your ear, you'll want to take to the streets to tour the city's galleries and put your newfound perspectives to the test.’
    • ‘Mother was on at me for ages to make her a webpage, and one night she had a couple of glasses of wine and completely bent my ear about the subject.’
    • ‘I managed to collar him and bent his ear about the American situation.’
    • ‘A few weeks prior to our meeting I spotted him at a launch party at Downing Street bending the Prime Minister's ear.’
    • ‘Even rational, thinking people are bending my ear over this issue, which is threatening to spill out of control.’
    • ‘Can I bend your ear for a minute about a veterans' issue?’
    • ‘Of course I'll want to bend his ear over my pet topics.’
    • ‘I think I've bent your ear enough for today and I have to be at work in an hour.’
    • ‘I've just had Mr Brisedale bending my ear for ten minutes about the quality of my warehouse staff.’
    • ‘In the following highlights of the day's activities, managers and employees had an opportunity to bend the boss 's ear - and some did.’