Definition of benomyl in English:



  • A systemic fungicide used on fruit and vegetable crops, derived from imidazole.

    ‘Few fungicides are registered for controlling the disease, and benomyl is the most effective one yet tested.’
    • ‘They suggest spraying a fungicide containing benomyl or triforine to combat this common malady that disfigures begonias.’
    • ‘Diploid conidia were incubated on solid complete medium containing 60 g/ml benomyl for 2 days and transferred to complete medium without benomyl for 2 weeks.’
    • ‘A scientist from Brazil, found that weekly sprays of milk controlled powdery mildew in zucchini just as effectively as synthetic fungicides such as fenarimol or benomyl.’
    • ‘As a control, we also analyzed the dynamic phenotype of ndc 10-1 in the presence and absence of benomyl.’



/ˈbenəˌmil/ /ˈbɛnəˌmɪl/


1960s from ben(z)o- + m(eth)yl.