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nounplural noun berceuses/berˈsəz/ /bɛrˈsəz/

  • A lullaby.

    ‘A few days ago a purple-green moon came out over the bluish mist of the Sierra Nevada and in front of my door a woman sang a berceuse that was like a golden streamer entangling the whole countryside.’
    • ‘He also sang a Berceuse by Bonacorsi and, in Italian, Manon’s “Reve.”’
    • ‘Surveys have demonstrated that playing soft music - particularly Mozart, singing a berceuse or having the steady musical rhythm of 'white noise' like a vacuity cleansing agent can halt a baby's teardrops.’
    • ‘From the first instant when the mother sings a berceuse for her new born the sound is imprinted on the mind of the baby.’
    cradle song, soothing song, gentle song, quiet song



/berˈsəz/ /bɛrˈsəz/


French, from bercer ‘to rock’.