Definition of Bermuda shorts in English:

Bermuda shorts

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plural noun

(also Bermudas)
  • Casual knee-length shorts.

    ‘Slip-on sandals are extremely versatile as they can be worn with dressier chinos, jeans and even a nice pair of Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘This said, you should always anchor your summer wardrobe around a few stylish pairs of pants and Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘Black matches almost every existing color, so try your pink sweater with black pants or Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘For those who have less attractive bodies, Bermuda shorts also help cover up most imperfections.’
    • ‘He showed up in a casual outfit - a green-striped, long-sleeved top, Bermuda shorts and sneakers.’
    • ‘Grabbing my newly laundered dark olive green hoodie and my favorite black Bermuda shorts, I was officially ready.’
    • ‘The ad featured a photograph of a gentleman wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts, socks and tasselled shoes, overlaid with a label with the show's name… ‘What Not To Wear’.’
    • ‘With the first rays of British summertime sunshine coaxing the boys into Bermuda shorts and the girls into bikinis, it's time to think about some other essential seasonal fashion statements - our cars.’
    • ‘I'm wearing flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and an anime t-shirt.’
    • ‘But even before Bermuda shorts were officially installed in the army, troops were cutting off their trousers at the knees to get some heat relief.’
    • ‘The famous Bermuda shorts, a legacy of the British Army's uniform, are worn by businessmen, along with jackets, ties, and knee socks.’
    • ‘I took a quick shower and looked into my closet, choosing a pair of Madras plaid Bermuda shorts and Abercrombie polo.’
    • ‘It's still a fine dining restaurant; no matter how old it is, so forget about wearing a T-shirt and Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘Otherwise, he was dressed in Bermuda shorts, a T-shirt, white socks and black sneakers.’
    • ‘Will I still think he looks amazing in his retiree-white leather loafers and Bermuda shorts?’
    • ‘She wore the same Bermuda shorts and white t-shirt as earlier during the day.’
    • ‘My uncle has an affinity for Hawaiian floral print shirts and Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘As a seminary student I was not allowed to take a final exam because I showed up in Bermuda shorts.’
    • ‘The famous Bermuda shorts were invented in the Fifties when hems were creeping up and shorts becoming dangerously brief.’
    • ‘The Bermuda shorts have been abandoned and replaced by khakis and long-sleeved shirts.’


Bermuda shorts

/bərmyo͞odə ˈSHôrts/ /bərmjudə ˈʃɔrts/