Definition of berseem clover in English:

berseem clover

Pronunciation /bərˌsēm ˈklōvər/ /bərˌsim ˈkloʊvər/


  • A white-flowered clover. Native to Egypt and Syria, it is an established forage plant in the southern US.

    Trifolium alexandrinum, family Leguminosae

    • ‘The advantage of berseem clover over other clovers and alfalfa is its fast winter-growth rate.’
    • ‘In the lower south, berseem clover can also be seeded in October for growth as a winter crop.’
    • ‘The berseem clover is too aggressive and will likely hurt the alfalfa stand underneath.’
    • ‘Unlike most commonly grown annual clovers, berseem clover is quite tolerant of wet soils and also alkaline soils.’
    • ‘Although berseem clover grows well on a variety of soils, it prefers a medium-loam soil that is slightly alkaline.’


berseem clover

/bərˌsēm ˈklōvər/ /bərˌsim ˈkloʊvər/