Definition of berserker in English:



  • An ancient Norse warrior who fought in a wild frenzy.

    ‘The Viking berserker was thought not only to have assumed the ferocity of an animal, but also to have acquired the strength of a grizzly.’
    • ‘By the ancient berserker instinct, his hand went to his belt where his rune-covered axe normally hung.’
    • ‘Grappling hooks fly up from the ground and grab the edge of the awning, and the Viking berserkers start climbing onto the platform.’
    • ‘Place berserkers at the front of the army and have them lead a charge.’
    • ‘Any Army marching to battle with this as their battle cry would turn into a bunch of berserkers.’
    • ‘He raced in, his sword over his head like a berserker's.’
    • ‘His facial features can shift in a twitch from the innocent blankness of a choirboy during the sermon to the frantic grimaces of an axe-wielding berserker.’



/bərˈsərkər/ /bərˈzərkər/