Definition of beshrew in English:


transitive verb

[with object] archaic
  • 1Make wicked; deprave.

    • ‘If she keep not promise I will beshrew her head!’
  • 2Invoke evil upon; curse; blame for a misfortune.

    ‘And she beshrewed herself for so unkindly judging of his unkindness.’
    • ‘Beshrew her heart, what a fright she put me to!’
    • ‘"Beshrew the old fool!" muttered Sir William Howe, growing impatient of her obstinacy, and ashamed of the emotion into which he had been betrayed.’
    • ‘'Beshrew the old hag that told me that he was affected with leprosy! Surely, that is a lie against him, for this is not the voice of one who hath such a disease.’
    • ‘"Beshrew the fellow," I said to myself as I left him, carefully closing the door, so that the sound should not shake him; "he is little better than a woman, and yet I have become as fond of him as though he were my brother."’



/bəˈSHro͞o/ /bəˈʃru/