Definition of bespeckle in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Mark or cover with a large number of small spots or patches of color.

    ‘the designer whose trademark is to bespeckle his dresses with diamonds’
    • ‘We parked a block away, ran up to the lawn, and proceeded to bespeckle their lawn with plastic cutlery.’
    • ‘Commentators failed to agree on whether her dress was the work of Dior or the Lebanese designer Elie Saab, whose trademark is to bespeckle his dresses with diamonds.’
    • ‘Last year in the Czech Republic, Prague was bespeckled with ads for a new hypermarket called Cesky Sen (Czech Dream).’
    • ‘He's bespeckled in piercings, he's wearing a spiked dog collar, a leather jacket and, to top it off, he's been injured in a skating accident!’
    • ‘Slices of black bread like placemats irregularly bespeckle the dining room floor.’
    • ‘Have you so quickly forgotten those boys at the mews, of not enough years even for hairs to bespeckle their chins?’
    • ‘He delighted to play at draughts with an albino chief whose light skin was profusely bespeckled with brown blotches and whose eyes were dull blue.’
    dot, stipple, stud, bestud, fleck, speckle, bespeckle, spot, pepper



/bəˈspekəl/ /bəˈspɛkəl/