Definition of best ball in English:

best ball


  • The better score at a hole of two or more players competing as a team.

    as modifier ‘a best-ball match’
    • ‘Play just two balls this time for nine holes, but instead of playing the best ball, play the worst.’
    • ‘For non-golfing readers (if there are any), this means that all team members tee off, then the best ball is chosen and all players hit from that spot, and so on.’
    • ‘Each of the three non-imaginary players gets Mrs. M. as a partner in one six-hole best-ball match against the other two, who play as a team, and everybody plays off Mrs. M's handicap, which is zero.’
    • ‘I played the course about a month ago in a best-ball match.’
    • ‘Second, the tournament is in a scramble format, which means all players will hit their individual ball but play the best ball out of their foursome.’
    • ‘Each team consisted of 12 players and the competition involved best ball, foursomes and singles matches.’
    • ‘Mickelson and Toms put themselves in position to win by shooting a 15-under par 57 on Saturday in the best-ball format and continued their solid play up until Sunday's final hole.’
    • ‘She helped her team win the Crystal Lake Country Club best-ball title.’
    • ‘He said he was tired and not keen on the best-ball format.’
    • ‘It was a best-ball tournament, and I got second place after playing my best ever.’
    • ‘I quickly adjusted my game to playing the best ball format that the tournament used.’
    • ‘His best ball was the outswinger; though sometimes he made the ball go the other way.’
    • ‘The game is net best ball, first-tee do-over, no junk, no gimmes.’
    • ‘It's just like best ball, except opposite: If you or your partner does worse on a hole than both of your opponents, you lose a point.’


best ball

/ˈbes(t) ˈbôl/ /ˈbɛs(t) ˈbɔl/