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best practice

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  • Commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective.

    ‘the proprietors are keen to ensure best practice in food preparation, storage, and serving’
    • ‘Ireland gets top marks in the macroeconomic best practice.’
    • ‘Now reputable companies are applying the same best practices, creating a win-win environment.’
    • ‘The Johnson Controls Inc. acquisition of Prince Corp. became an industry best-practice where JCI gained access to the innovation engine at Prince.’
    • ‘The research is too sparse to anoint a single best practice with anything like a cost-benefit efficiency rating.’
    • ‘The bill is about putting in place international best-practice, risk management programmes, from the teat of the cow to the export market.’
    • ‘This is in line with the international best practices.’
    • ‘Scott joins us to discuss the sometimes difficult path of bringing web standards and best-practices into businesses, in Corporate Web Standards.’
    • ‘Similarly, ODC has the potential to radically change our prevailing expectations of accomplishment and "best-practices" for both consumers and corporations.’
    • ‘There are three innovations that follows the international best practices that I strongly supported turned out to be failure.’
    • ‘For instance, HP recently employed CMII as a company-wide best practice to leverage the benefits to process and efficiency.’
    • ‘The essence of SCM as a commercial best practice can be summed up in a simple word - collaboration.’
    • ‘The country needs a modern and efficient trade tax system that incorporates the international best practices.’
    • ‘I also spent a lot of time with other technology executives whom I viewed as best-practice in some slice of what they did.’
    • ‘A full-range of classes that will target all aspects of art and framing, from trends to best-practices, are planned.’
    • ‘Irish banking and Irish regulatory practice can now, if we seize this opportunity, move towards the forefront of international best-practice.’
    • ‘"The absolute best practice in a merger is to use the technology you have," he says.’
    • ‘He said the company will continue to have dialogue with employees to ensure the survival of the business and to introduce best-practice into every area.’
    • ‘Cooper writes that blocking the vulnerable ports used by Windows networking protocols is standard best-practice among diligent BOFHs.’
    • ‘His work on attitudinal dynamics is global best-practice.’
    • ‘"The company is applying best-practice in all aspects of its relationship with its employees at every level of the organisation," he said.’