Definition of beta particle in English:

beta particle

(also beta ray)

Pronunciation /bādə ˈpärdəkəl/ /beɪdə ˈpɑrdəkəl/


  • A fast-moving electron emitted by radioactive decay of substances. (The emission of beta particles was originally regarded as a ray.).

    ‘When it decays it emits a beta particle and a gamma ray, leaving behind a protactinium - 234 atom.’
    • ‘During this process (mediated by a virtual W - particle) the nucleus expels a negative beta particle (electron or negatron) as radiation.’
    • ‘The weak nuclear force is involved, and the neutron is converted into a proton when the beta particle is emitted.’
    • ‘Its existence was suggested to explain missing energy and angular momentum when a beta particle was emitted from a radioactive element.’
    • ‘The cobalt nucleus decays to nickel - 60 by emitting a beta particle and two gamma rays.’
    • ‘Adding a neutron, which has one unit of mass, to 238 U gives 239 U, which decays rapidly to a new element by emitting a beta particle.’
    • ‘A beta particle is an electron that could make it just a little way into the skin, while an alpha particle is a charged helium nucleus that will bounce right off of you.’
    • ‘Its nucleus emits a low-energy beta particle, leaving behind an isotope of helium, helium - 3, that has a single neutron in its atomic nucleus.’
    • ‘Beta emissions involve the loss of an electron from the nucleus as a beta particle during the conversion of a neutron into a proton.’
    • ‘Uranium - 238 emits an alpha particle and changes to thorium - 234, which then emits a beta particle to allow it to change to palladium - 234.’
    • ‘When this occurs, the electron shoots out of the atom and is called a beta particle, a type of radioactivity.’
    • ‘The emitted beta particle travels through air at close to the speed of light.’
    • ‘When a radioactive nucleus disintegrates by emitting an alpha or beta particle, it changes into a different nucleus - that is, one with a different number of protons and/or neutrons.’
    • ‘Tritium is a radioactive element that decays by the loss of a beta particle to become a helium - 3 isotope.’
    • ‘Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits a very weak beta particle.’
    • ‘Next smaller in mass is the beta particle, which is identical in mass and charge to an electron.’
    • ‘She got hit in the hip with a beta particle dagger, but it missed most major tendons.’
    • ‘When a nucleus decays, through the emission of either an alpha or beta particle, the resulting new nucleus is often left in an excited state.’
    • ‘A radioactive atom used in nuclear medicine that shows radioactive disintegration and emits alpha and beta particles or gamma rays.’