Definition of betake in English:


verbbetook, betaken

[with object]literarybetake oneself to
  • Go to.

    ‘I shall betake myself to my lodgings’
    • ‘Bayes is shown debating whether he shall betake himself to the church, or gaming, or party-writing, but is carried off by the goddess and anointed king in the place of Eusden, the poet laureate, who has died.’
    • ‘Members betook themselves to the Lakeside Sport and Fitness Club, Station Road, Ballinrobe, last week, and participated in a number of exercises under the ‘Go for Life programme’.’
    • ‘Members of Ballinrobe Active Retirement Association betook themselves to the Lakeside Sport and Fitness Club for last weeks meeting on Monday morning.’
    • ‘Marcus and David and I betook ourselves to Dukes where, as usual, the conversation slalomed wildly through various poles of drunken intensity.’
    • ‘Those are giants, and if you are afraid, away with you out of here and betake yourself to prayer, while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat.’
    • ‘Twenty three members of the Robe Racqueteers club betake themselves to the Slieve Russell Hotel, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan for their Autumn Golf Outing on Saturday, October 1.’
    • ‘Fifty members of Ballinrobe Active Retirement Group will betake themselves to Clonmacnoise and Birr Castle tomorrow on the occasion of their annual outing.’
    • ‘Farouk betook himself to the Ras el-Tin palace by the western harbour in Alexandria, but the coup leaders ordered the captain of his seagoing yacht, the Mahroussa, not to sail without their orders.’
    • ‘1900 B.C. - When Cleopatra betook herself to the Mediterranean town of Tarsus at the command of Mark Antony, she is said to have perfumed the sails of her barge, causing the winds to stir his heart and herald her arrival.’
    • ‘In treating his subject in the Positive method, he finds inexhaustible material for all his activity of research, without betaking himself to insoluble questions.’
    • ‘Artists find it incumbent… to betake themselves to their work as an isolated means of self-expression.’
    • ‘What shall I do with a thief who is not courteous enough to betake himself to the police station at my humble request?’
    • ‘We venture to recommend our contemporary to betake itself to fresher fields and pastures somewhat newer in search of discoveries.’
    result, follow, ensue, develop, stem, spring, arise, start, derive, evolve, proceed, emerge, emanate, flow