Definition of betel nut in English:

betel nut


another term for areca nut
  • ‘Consumption of smokeless tobacco, especially Gutkha (a mixture of areca, catechu, betel nut, lime, tobacco, and mint), is rising among school children in rural India.’
  • ‘Gutkha is a mixture of areca, catechu, betel nut, lime, tobacco and mint.’
  • ‘To support themselves, farmers in Nantou and other mountain areas have extensively planted betel nut trees - betel nut is widely chewed on Taiwan.’
  • ‘He chewed his betel nut, his lips reddened by the juice, while I fingered a villainous looking sword with a carved hardwood handle.’
  • ‘Chen admitted that the council faced a daunting task challenging betel nut growers - considering that the seasonal price for a single betel nut can the same as the price of a dozen eggs.’
  • ‘I've seen people sit down after dinner with a betel nut cutter - something like a nutcracker, with blades - and a betel nut - about the size of nutmeg - and expertly shave off thin slices to chew.’
  • ‘Symbolizing friendship and goodwill, Chen was presented with a kettle from the Paiwan tribe, a betel nut from the Puyuma tribe, an oar from the Thao tribe and a stone from the Atayal and Truko tribes.’
  • ‘In the scene where the deceased chief's mother chews the betel nut as a symbol that she is willing to reconcile after the death of her son, how do you think she is feeling and how does she behave?’
  • ‘She would carefully select the leaves, wash it, wipe it and remove both the stem and the tip of the leaf, apply choonam, add a little betel nut, fold it ceremoniously and then proceed to eat it with relish.’
  • ‘It's good to meet overseas people],’ he says, offering me a betel nut which I decline.’
  • ‘De-husking the betel nut has always been a messy job but with Narasimha Bhandari's patent automatic machine, as much as 20 kg can be processed in an hour.’
  • ‘Most of the Egyptians here are really Nubians, although they dress as Egyptians, their skin is the dark brown of the betel nut.’
  • ‘Traditionally, the betel nut was chewed as a mild stimulant, but this is much less common today.’
  • ‘In the lush green foothills above town, I'd found every incline, even a slope that seemed too steep to climb, cultivated with longan, lychee, pineapple, betel nut or banana.’
  • ‘Paan is a widely used chewable made by taking a betel creeper leaf and wrapping up ingredients like betel nut, lime paste, almond powder, grated coconut, tobacco etc. with it.’
  • ‘Every day, Annie drives her van, stopping at betel nut stands across the island promoting her betel nut beauty costumes.’
  • ‘Niche agricultural produce, including gourmet pepper, sakau, betel nut, and citrus fruit, is exported in limited quantities.’
  • ‘Narcotic plants such as betel nut, coca and tobacco may have been used throughout the ages to ward off hunger and fatigue, such that drug cravings are now part of our genetic makeup.’
  • ‘The textiles are dyed with natural pigments, including a rich blue made from a mixture of indigo, rice whiskey, betel nut juice, rice husk residue, lime and sugar cane water.’
  • ‘The combination of all these ingredients makes for a very tasty and refreshing after dinner treat; the plant enzymes, lime paste, and mild stimulant from the betel nut acts as a digestion enhancer and breath freshener.’


Portuguese betel.


betel nut