Definition of beyond the veil in English:

beyond the veil


  • In a mysterious or hidden place or state, especially the unknown state of life after death.

    ‘Billy realized that his father had passed irrevocably beyond the veil’
    • ‘Why do we continue to find it so difficult to see beyond the veil of race?’
    • ‘The Ghost made eye contact with no one and offered not one single wisdom from beyond the veil.’
    • ‘You know, I believe that a lot of paranormal experiences are definitely due to interdimensional glimpses and interaction between our energies and those beyond the veil of this dimension.’
    • ‘She had gone, as she called it, ‘beyond the veil’ and she'd come back at my calling, at my individuated mind, to bring me back beyond the veil again, into that place where there is no judgement, where there is only peace and love.’
    • ‘‘Anything that has past beyond the veil of the living is with in my power’ He closed his eyes again and went silent for a while and Leara held him tightly then he spoke again.’
    • ‘Think of those who have passed beyond the veil… family, friends, animal companions, strangers.’
    • ‘That this was happening just beyond the veil of visible reality.’
    • ‘These are indeed messages from someone who loves you beyond the veil.’
    • ‘The first thing indeed is to endorse the tributes made to our respected one who has passed beyond the veil.’
    • ‘Man is, as Plato defined it, is capable of knowing what lies beyond the veil of sense perception.’