Definition of bezel in English:



  • 1A grooved ring holding the glass or plastic cover of a watch face or other instrument in position.

    ‘Frosted bezels (grooved rings) have been added to control knobs on many of the new season's models to update the look and to allow for easier cleaning.’
    • ‘Also, the silver bezels around the instruments reflect passing street lights and this produces distractions.’
    • ‘Instead, the touch screen device only covers the bezel, leaving users with a bright, clear on-screen image.’
    • ‘With the bezel covered and the ventilation holes cut it was time to put the cases back together.’
    • ‘Make a note of the heading you require with the aid of the compass bezel ring, then take a bearing on the furthest visible reference point.’
    • ‘The wires for LED's etc are attached to the bezel which in some cases can be annoying, but there's not going to be any reason to ever pull this front section off on this case.’
    • ‘Dust filtering material can then be ‘sandwiched’ between the two finger guards as you attach the bezel.’
    • ‘If you are wondering why it isn't just a single rectangle cut for the flap, it is because this cover actually screws to the case, rather than the bezel.’
    • ‘The back of the bezel has an open dust filter covering almost all of the bezel.’
    • ‘Among those possibilities are door handles that illuminate whenever the doors open, illuminated bezels around air ducts and door kick panels that light up.’
    • ‘When you open the lid things get even better, with a black bezel surrounding the large 15.4in screen.’
    • ‘It even had interchangeable bezels of differing colors.’
    • ‘The company makes optical drives with translucent bezels and trays, complete with blue LED activity lights.’
    • ‘When I took this monitor out of its box, the first thing that impressed me was its narrow bezels - the frame that surrounds the glass screen.’
    • ‘If you want your screens to seamlessly merge side by side they need to be at 90 degrees to the desk otherwise you'll have a varying gap between the bezels.’
    • ‘The beechwood surround and chrome bezels add a touch of 1960s authenticity.’
    • ‘The front bezel can be completely removed without any tools, and provides access to four 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch drive bays.’
    • ‘Firstly, the thickness of the plexiglass bezel might potentially interfere with the proper seating of some USB or audio connectors.’
    • ‘The bezel contrasts sharply with the rest of the case.’
    • ‘Direct monitor controls are accessed via eight buttons on the bezel, which also holds the LED power indicator and power toggle.’
    1. 1.1A groove holding the crystal of a watch or the stone of a gem in its setting.
      ‘He fingered the silver, tracing the bezels that held the three blue stones upon it.’
      • ‘First the stone had to be placed in the bezel cup, a cup of the purest silver available that was sized exactly for the stone's dimensions.’
      • ‘The stones may be faceted or cut in cabochon and set either in bezel mountings or with prongs.’
      • ‘The bezel setting has a band of metal surrounding the gem to hold it.’
      • ‘Gold seal-rings are a feature of the 15th century BC, and their engraved oval bezels are notable for showing rituals - such as dance or tree pulling - designed to summon a divine epiphany.’



/ˈbez(ə)l/ /ˈbɛz(ə)l/


Late 16th century from Old French, of unknown origin.