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(also bang)
  • The leaves and flower heads of cannabis, used as a narcotic.

    ‘MARIJUANA - Called marijuana, pot, grass, weed, skunk, reefer, bhang, ganja… the drug has many forms but they all snare the user with a chemically-induced peace that is very habit forming.’
    • ‘The narcotic and hallucinogenic element is referred to as cannabis and by numerous other (including slang) terms: ganja or bhang (crushed dried leaves of Indian wild hemp), grass, marijuana, pot, etc.’
    • ‘Awareness of the hallucinogenic properties of bhang, the resin from the Indian-grown variety of cannabis, certainly existed in Europe by the early seventeenth century, thanks to the adventurousness of colonial travellers.’
    • ‘In the north, it is acceptable to consume bhang (cannabis Indica) on festive occasions such as Holi.’
    • ‘The author claimed the soldier was an ordinary sepoy who, under the influence of bhang, committed a reckless act for which he was hanged.’



/baNG/ /bæŋ/


From Hindi bhāṅg.