Definition of bi-gender in English:



(also bi-gendered)
  • Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity encompasses two genders.

    ‘she realized that she missed the feminine side of herself and gradually realized that she was bi-gender’
    • ‘Later that month he wrote an online journal to explain to his friends what bi-gender means.’
    • ‘Some folks are gender-neutral, some are bi-gender, some are agender.’
    • ‘I'm interested to know if it's widely known whether she is bi-gender or not?’
    • ‘She explained that being bi-gender is like manifesting both masculine and feminine personas.’
    • ‘She's a teenage girl with a bi-gender boyfriend who decides every morning what sex he wants to be.’
    • ‘Bi-gender individuals report alternating between male, female, and (sometimes) mixed gender states.’
    • ‘Not everyone who desires to wear the apparel of the other gender does so because he or she is bi-gendered in the sense employed here.’
    • ‘Bi-gendered people often identify as being of both genders.’