Definition of Bible-basher in English:



British informal
  • A person who expounds or follows the teachings of the Bible in an aggressively evangelical way.

    • ‘Fortunately progressive and civil liberties groups exist to defend our rights to cut and be cut from these bigoted Bible-bashers.’
    • ‘And finally there's Natasha, a Bible-basher with a difference.’
    • ‘I have been called a bible basher by two managers in previous jobs.’
    • ‘The very same people who make fun of Christians and think of them as Bible bashers are the ones who wholeheartedly use Christmas as an excuse to over-eat and over-spend.’
    • ‘I am not a passionate Bible basher, but it seems that society becomes more responsible and moral when our chapels and churches are full.’
    • ‘Is it all bible bashers and prudes that have a problem?’
    • ‘You people are just one step above adolescent Bible bashers.’
    • ‘The first time I heard this dilemma it was posed by a bible basher attempting to recruit me into his church.’
    • ‘The average Bible basher does not know a single thing about the Bible.’
    • ‘It hurts me deeply when people describe my tolerant, respectful boyfriend as being a Bible Basher.’