Definition of Bible believer in English:

Bible believer


See Bible-believing

‘Bible believers should be wary of rushing in with comments about the serpent in Genesis.’
  • ‘Understandably, some perplexity might be expected in the minds of Bible believers reading these news reports.’
  • ‘While this desire to humiliate Bible believers has not died down, the specific arguments have shifted.’
  • ‘Bible believers are constantly bombarded by Greek experts, who claim to have special insight to the hidden nuggets of the Greek New Testament.’
  • ‘Sometimes there are solid, faithful Bible believers teaching in one department, who feel unable or unwilling to influence what is being taught in other courses.’
  • ‘The counselors were good role models: staunch Bible believers and very skilled at outdoor life.’
  • ‘Most Bible believers are wisely either skeptical or suspicious regarding that which they cannot read.’
  • ‘The school head is an ardent Bible-believer.’
  • ‘The US newspaper The New York Times has not had a recent history of portraying Bible-believers in a fair light.’
  • ‘The attitude toward these early Bible-believers was one of outright ridicule.’