Definition of bibliomancy in English:



  • Foretelling the future by interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book, especially the Bible.

    ‘‘Well, since my ability hasn't been working recently, I'm using the ancient method of divination called bibliomancy,’ she replied.’
    • ‘I'm sure that there are also detailed instructions on invoking powerful incantations, reading the I Ching, analyzing birds entrails, bibliomancy, and consulting the bumps on one's head.’
    • ‘Of course, one needn't be limited to just tarot in this sense; the I-Ching, runes, bibliomancy, cut-ups, etc. could be used in the same manner.’
    • ‘Dream initiated bibliomancy always gives me strange results.’
    • ‘The book can aid in the process of bibliomancy by randomly selecting one word from a random passage taken from one or more of the available texts.’



/ˈbiblēəˌmansē/ /ˈbɪbliəˌmænsi/