Definition of bibliomane in English:



  • A person with a passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books.

    ‘aren't bibliomanes supposed to collect books indiscriminately and wantonly?’
    • ‘Lately, for a bibliomane, I have been acting strangely - trimming my library, cutting down my book collection.’
    • ‘The commentary on bookshops and the directory of such establishments is required reading for any librarian or bibliomane.’
    • ‘I'd claim to be a raving bibliomane.’
    • ‘Kelly is a bibliomane, whose passion for lists, dates and details fits him well for this task.’
    • ‘This "gentle madness" that characterizes librarians and all kinds of bibliophiles and bibliomanes may well frighten historians of economic thought.’
    • ‘Trust me, when your house's foundation and flooring starts to be affected by the number of books in your rooms, then can you call yourself a bibliomane.’
    • ‘He is something of a bibliomane, and can frequently be found hidden in a second-hand bookshop.’
    • ‘In the sections where Jackson discusses the hunters and collectors of books, he shows that bibliomanes often do not read their books.’
    • ‘It was a genuine bibliomane who is reported to have said contemptuously of a well-known scholar, — "He know about books! Nothing, nothing at all, I assure you, unless, perhaps, about their insides."’
    • ‘The prices which bibliomanes are sometimes reported as paying for their coveted treasures almost stagger belief.’
    book lover


Early 19th century from biblio- + Greek manēs ‘mad’.