Definition of bicuspid valve in English:

bicuspid valve


another term for mitral valve
‘Contraction of the right and left atria forces blood past the right tricuspid and left bicuspid valves into the right and left ventricles, respectively.’
  • ‘One-half of patients with bicuspid valves develop at least mild aortic stenosis by the age of 50 years.’
  • ‘Calcified bicuspid valves and post inflammatory valves tend to occur in patients less than 70 years.’
  • ‘Men with aortic stenosis due to bicuspid valves develop symptoms in their 40s and 50s.’
  • ‘About 10% of bicuspid valves become significantly narrowed, resulting in the symptoms and heart problems of aortic stenosis.’


bicuspid valve

/bīˈkəspəd valv/ /baɪˈkəspəd vælv/