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bicycle chain

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  • A chain that transmits the driving power from the pedals of a bicycle to its rear wheel.

    ‘To maintain propriety and to overcome the potential hazard of snagging a skirt in a bicycle chain, bicycles for women were designed without a center bar and with a wooden chain cover.’
    • ‘Someone made the point that women in my books have accidents related to their femininity: one falls over from her high heels and another gets her skirt caught in a bicycle chain.’
    • ‘Presumably I should follow the same guidance when spraying the oil on my bicycle chain; I should not drink it or inhale it, and should wear goggles, rubber gloves and a face mask while undertaking the operation.’
    • ‘It also covers innocent items which have been adapted for causing personal injury, such as a bicycle chain attached to a handle (creating a flail), or a screwdriver sharpened to a spike.’
    • ‘I saw clogs on a fan belt, shoes on a leather belt, and cowboy boots tied through the backstraps to a bicycle chain.’
    • ‘In an unconnected incident earlier this week two masked men attacked a 15-year-old pupil with a bicycle chain as he walked home.’
    • ‘I used to take my bicycle in front of her house, and would sometimes pretend the bicycle chain was broken or that the air had leaked out.’
    • ‘The floor was covered in junk food wrappers, plastic cups and a bicycle chain.’
    • ‘He admitted hitting her over the head with a bicycle chain.’
    • ‘The bicycle chain appears in several works and assumes the vertebrate pattern of snakes or lizards.’
    • ‘It was thrown in the trunk wrapped up in an old bicycle chain that must have been oily and the oil kept it rust free.’
    • ‘Jane's bicycle chain kept coming off her bike, and I had to keep stopping to fix it for her.’
    • ‘After all, it was this cutting-edge fashion designer who convinced people in the 1970s that everyday household items such as safety pins, razor blades and bicycle chains could double as fashion accessories.’
    • ‘They're expected to grow and thrive in cramped growing spaces, tolerate usually poor soil, and survive car door bangs and bicycle chains.’
    • ‘He posts pictures of an unique car sculpture in Dhaka, which is made out of bicycle chains, car parts and other scrap metal.’
    • ‘I can hear the click click of bicycle chains and the gentle purr of cars rolling past behind me, mimicking the lapping sound of the waves.’
    • ‘He originally used bed sheets, heavy bicycle chains and clunky, large canvases.’


bicycle chain

/ˈbīˌsikəl ˌCHān/ /ˈbaɪˌsɪkəl ˌtʃeɪn/ /ˈbīsikəl ˌCHān/ /ˈbaɪsɪkəl ˌtʃeɪn/