Definition of bid caller in English:

bid caller


  • A person who announces the bids and recognizes bidders at an auction.

    ‘He also sits on the board of governors of the Institute, a nonprofit education and certification group, and he's a former state champion bid caller.’
    • ‘Dan is an outstanding bid caller as he was named State Auctioneer Bid Calling Champion.’
    • ‘Then Norman brings the bid to the attention of the auctioneer working as the bid caller on the podium.’
    • ‘The chant is the auctioneer's calling card, and the good bid callers blend art and entertainment.’
    • ‘Being a good bid caller itself will not take you to the top of sales performance.’
    • ‘He is an excellent bid caller and a great all-around guy.’
    • ‘We are not just bid callers - we are Professional Fundraising Consultants and Fundraising Auctioneers!’
    • ‘Jeff learned some from his father, but like many bid callers, he went to an auctioneering school to polish his craft.’
    • ‘I want to be the best bid caller in my trade association.’
    • ‘Surfacing to the stage are two Southern bid callers, clad in leather, fringes, boots, and a cowboy hat and as cheerily comfortable as hosts of a television show.’
    • ‘Besides being taught how to be a good bid caller, you will learn good salesmanship and the knowledge of values which are most essential.’
    • ‘Whether you're retiring, restructuring, settling an estate or just want to cash out, you need more than a bid caller.’
    • ‘An auctioneer sells or offers to sell property at an auction as a bid caller.’
    • ‘Therefore, there are no credentials required to advertise and hold oneself out to the public as a professional bid caller.’
    • ‘The bidder (first party) can make an electronic bid submission to the bid caller with the required document in PDF format.’
    • ‘The novice, upon his arrival to a sale, experiences a flurry of confusing but interrelated and coordinated activities: sees eager bidders vying for the attention of the bid caller, notices several auction company employees fervently polling and motioning towards the crowd, and hears the sounds of a most unusual sequence of words coming from the lips of the attending auctioneer.’