Definition of bidder in English:



  • A person or organization making a formal offer for something, especially at an auction.

    ‘she was the highest bidder for this rare portrait’
    ‘his government's preferred bidder for the contract’
    • ‘Our real estate agent assured us the bidders would go to full price.’
    • ‘Don't ever go for the cheapest bidder on a project.’
    • ‘The movie poster went for $26,000 to an anonymous phone bidder.’
    • ‘The winning bid is then slightly higher than the second-highest bidder's valuation of the asset.’
    • ‘The alternative is an imperfect land market in which the number of bidders affects the final price paid for land.’
    • ‘In the '80s, a growing competitiveness for rental ground was fostered by retired farmers cash renting to the highest bidders.’
    • ‘According to the auction house, seven bidders were chasing the painting.’
    • ‘We will contact the successful bidder within 14 days of the closing date.’
    • ‘Too few bidders is not representative, and too many just isn't necessary or fair to the construction community.’
    • ‘It is illegal to sell jobs to the highest bidder in this state.’