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Botany Zoology
  • (of a part of a plant or animal) divided by a deep cleft or notch into two parts.

    ‘a bifid leaf’
    • ‘the gut is bifid’
    • ‘The ventral lobe is divided into two deep bifid prongs by a high median saddle.’
    • ‘In addition, the new species has an inner lip tooth that is only rarely bifid and much more weakly bifid.’
    • ‘The style, with a narrow bifid stigma, extends above the anthers by 5 mm.’
    • ‘Mild forms of cleft palate include submucosal clefts, pharyngeal incompetence and bifid uvula.’
    • ‘It is a congenital abnormality which covers a spectrum ranging from a simple bifid renal pelvis to a complete ureteropelvic duplication.’



/ˈbīfid/ /ˈbaɪfɪd/


Mid 17th century from Latin bifidus, from bi- ‘doubly’ + fidus (from findere ‘to split’).