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big end

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  • (in an engine) the end of the connecting rod that encircles the crankpin.

    ‘Taking the view that if it could be done on petrol and diesel engines, it ought to be possible to totally enclose the valve gear, so the middle connecting rod and big end disappeared into an oil-bath.’
    • ‘Irreparable damage had been caused to the A7 rocker gear, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, big end bearing and the trombone.’
    • ‘Has he ever listened to himself on the subject of crankshafts and big ends?’
    • ‘The only difference is that your car nerd talks about horsepower / big ends rather than goal differences/defence formations.’
    • ‘You had to rebush the rod if the slack was excessive, or rebore the big end if it was split - all of which you hoped could be deferred until the entire affair had to be dismantled for white-lead testing.’
    • ‘Connecting rods are made of forged steel, with the big end split by fracturing, providing for a perfect bearing cap fit.’
    • ‘The lower line feeds the big end bearings and the upper line the main bearings and piston cooling jets.’
    • ‘The bad news - well, the lad's car lost its big ends!’
    • ‘We constantly demand they service our spark-plugs or patch-up our big ends.’
    • ‘A solitary anarchist with a bulldozer could have wrecked millions of pounds' worth of big ends in seconds.’
    • ‘To the old station's house round the bend and over the ridge watching out for corrugations, protruding, eroded stones washed out enough to smash the big end under a boutique city car: slow down, take care.’
    • ‘I had this old Austin A30, but I did in the big end bearing when I was working at Ashford hospital, my last proper paid job, and now I was out of work I couldn't afford to get it fixed.’
    • ‘And much of his spare time was really put into repairing and rebuilding the house and stripping down the car and doing the big end bearings and so forth.’
    • ‘Connecting rods are fabricated from sintered metal and feature an angled split on the big end.’


big end

/ˌbiɡ ˈend/ /ˌbɪɡ ˈɛnd/