Definition of big game in English:

big game


mass noun
  • Large animals hunted for sport.

    as modifier ‘a big-game hunter’
    • ‘The featured speaker is big-game hunter and author Craig Boddington.’
    • ‘Hunting is big business around here, with big-game hunters from all over the world visiting the many lodges and ranches in the area.’
    • ‘Jack O'Connor used the .270 rifle to take every big-game animal in the country.’
    • ‘My son shot his first big-game animal with it at age 12 and he was very comfortable with it by the time we went into the field.’
    • ‘I would guess he was looking for greater power and deeper penetration for use on big-game animals.’
    • ‘James is interested in water sports and big-game fishing, while Ailish loves horse riding.’
    • ‘Hunters who shoot their big-game rifles only a few times annually, if they clean at all, often use soft aluminum multi-piece rods without a bore guide.’
    • ‘American big-game hunter, deep-sea fisherman, war correspondent, and winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature.’
    • ‘The Southwest's earliest human inhabitants arrived as big-game hunters twelve to fifteen thousand years ago.’
    • ‘The basic concept was conceived by Elgin Gates, the noted big-game hunter and champion racing boat driver.’
    • ‘Thika in those days - the year was 1913 - was a favourite camp for big-game hunters and beyond it there was only bush and plain.’
    • ‘There's no doubt about it, the Savage Striker will tickle the fancy of big-game handgun hunters.’
    • ‘The rewards can be huge for a band of men who regard themselves as modern-day big-game hunters.’
    • ‘The problem we all face in big-game hunting is the unexpected - when the shot is slightly off, or the animal doesn't react the way you expected.’
    • ‘A few activities, like big-game hunting, are off-limits to the kids, but in general they grow up quickly, and are a part of what goes on.’
    • ‘Never mind that big-game hunting has grown faster than the population for the last 20 years, and is more popular now than ever before.’
    • ‘Eric's trip wasn't successful and he lost much of his enthusiasm for big-game hunting.’
    • ‘Full-power buckshot and slug loads are intended for big-game hunting.’
    • ‘It is hugely popular among hunters who want an off-season practice gun to complement their big-game rifles.’
    • ‘To survive in the winter you had to engage in ice fishing or big-game hunting, both of which are very complex activities.’
    prey, victim


big game