Definition of big league in English:

big league


  • 1A group of teams in a professional sport, especially baseball, competing for a championship at the highest level.

    • ‘This marks the first time Percival has changed teams in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Jack McKeon of the Marlins is another current major league manager who never played in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Even when he was in college, Bret thought he was better than second basemen in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Playing with this team and being in the big leagues has been a lot of fun.’
    • ‘He killed me in the minor leagues and he's killed me in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Andres Galarraga was on target to club 20 homers for his fourth big league team in 2001.’
    • ‘You see a lot of guys going from shortstop to second base in the big leagues, but you never really see the opposite.’
    • ‘Probably the last three or four years playing in the big leagues, doing what you love and being paid to do it.’
    • ‘Twenty men have won 300 games in the big leagues and every single one of them is in the Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘Radatz never started a game in the big leagues but, man, was he a Monster in relief.’
    • ‘He hit 66 home runs for Lincoln in the Western League in 1956 on his way to the big leagues.’
    • ‘We have a lot of young kids who haven't spent much time in professional baseball, least of all the big leagues.’
    • ‘I made an error in the outfield, but also made my first hit in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Mazeroski and Clemente played for the Pirates for 17 years together, and neither of them ever appeared in a big league game for another team.’
    • ‘I actually had a cousin who was a big league baseball player.’
    • ‘Glaus was in the big leagues by the end of his first full pro season.’
    • ‘Called up to the big leagues at the age of 19 in 1998, he was a nagging disappointment.’
    • ‘I've had some very special moments, but I'd probably say it was my first day in the big leagues.’
    • ‘I was married with a couple of kids at the time, but I vowed to give it everything I had to make it to the big leagues.’
    • ‘His professional career lasted nine years, but only five in the big leagues.’
    1. 1.1the big leagueA very successful or important group.
      ‘the film brought him into the movie world's big league’
      • ‘Aspirants to the big league may note that attractive golf gear costs at least Rs 15,000.’
      • ‘Two successive hits and they have made it to the big league of scriptwriters in the Malayalam film industry.’
      • ‘My chance to really hit the big league and gain mainstream popularity.’
      • ‘And yet, though he lacks the distinctive signature that might put him in the big league, he is an irresistible romancer.’
      • ‘At the same time, both the Scottish Executive and the economic culture of this country should encourage small Scottish firms to grow into the big league.’
      • ‘The two big commercial successes of 2004 never figured in the big league of winners.’
      • ‘Even signing on to Tomb Raider doesn't seem to have been part of any grand plan to catapult himself into the big league.’
      • ‘Any country that possesses the bomb is automatically admitted to the big league.’
      • ‘For Sameer Dharmadhikari this movie could be the ticket to big league.’
      • ‘When we come back, Tim Russert on his new book, the influence of his father and his transition from politics to big league journalism.’
      • ‘Step up to the big league in web marketing.’
      • ‘We've met in Baton Rouge, 73 miles from New Orleans, where Morrissey is shooting The Reaping, a film that marks his ascent to the big league - big money, big noise, big fame’
      illustrious, distinguished, renowned, esteemed, pre-eminent, notable, noteworthy, great, prestigious, important, significant, influential, outstanding, noted, of note


  • 1Of or relating to the highest-ranking league in a professional sport, especially baseball.

    ‘big-league teams’
    • ‘In 1979, he made his final big league appearance.’
    • ‘I'll never forget my first big league ball game.’
    • ‘Buy a ticket at any big league ball park and you're going to see a great player.’
    • ‘The school has produced 57 Nobel Prize winners but only one big league ball player.’
    • ‘I do remember working out and walking around on that big league ballfield and thinking it was like walking on air.’
    • ‘Who were your favorite big league ballplayers during the era you played in?’
    • ‘You can go to big league baseball games your whole life and never ever touch a foul ball, let alone catch one.’
    • ‘I actually had a cousin who was a big league baseball player.’
    • ‘He was the last big league batter to hit .400 or better in a season.’
    • ‘In my years of big league broadcasting, no player so quickly captured the imagination and became a cult hero.’
    1. 1.1Very successful or important.
      ‘the big-league rapper was too cool to care’
      • ‘It is a big league action film.’
      • ‘He still retains his boyish looks long after he graduated from the students' movement to big league politics.’
      • ‘It now needs a big league production manager.’
      • ‘Back then, the franchise wasn't the big league modelling gig it is today.’
      • ‘The talented composer has worked with many star directors and big league actors.’
      • ‘From small beginnings, the company is now a big-league publishing contender.’
      • ‘ It takes a shrewd entrepreneur to find big-league software at minor-league prices.’
      • ‘She is one of the go-to singers for big-league TV commercials and session work.’
      • ‘She jetted off to the South of France for a three-week, all-expenses paid break on a big-league celebrity 's luxury yacht.’
      • ‘This is big-league fishing, the kind you travel for.’


big league

/bɪɡ liɡ/