Definition of big spender in English:

big spender


  • A person or organization that spends money freely or extravagantly.

    ‘Bergdorf Goodman has managed to attract big spenders for more than a century’
    • ‘banks are big spenders in the data-storage business’
    • ‘The store decided to lavish far more attention on the big spenders.’
    • ‘We weren't exactly friends of his nor were we big spenders.’
    • ‘That bankruptcies have soared to a nine-year high should set a few alarm bells ringing for the big spenders among us.’
    • ‘In Scott's vivid and often hilarious account, Brown emerges as a big spender and a secretive control freak.’
    • ‘The big spenders are now very selective in their buying patterns.’
    • ‘Big spenders should run the numbers.’
    • ‘As the economy and stock market improve, it's far from certain that companies will become big spenders again in a hurry.’
    • ‘The new strategy appears to be bringing in mass tourists but not the big spenders.’
    • ‘She was not a big spender, but was serious and pretty adept at saving and investing.’
    • ‘With the exception of a 10% tithe to their church and eating out a few times a month, they aren't big spenders.’