Definition of bilabial in English:



  • (of a speech sound) formed by closure or near closure of the lips, e.g. p, b, m, w.

    • ‘I am now moving my lips, which contains four bilabial consonants, is another example: the moment you say it, it becomes true.’
    • ‘In English, w normally represents a voiced bilabial semi-vowel, produced by rounding and then opening the lips before a full vowel, whose value may be affected.’
    • ‘Use of this bilabial plosive, as the abrupt Boo!’
    • ‘The sound that has yet to receive an official symbol is a ‘voiceless bilabial trill preceded by a dental stop, forming a single unit’.’
    • ‘Finally, contrastive words with the feature were also among the easiest 10 words, and so were words that contained the before bilabial stop feature.’


  • A bilabial consonant sound.

    • ‘For alveolar affricates it is 0 when is, 10 when is. is 250 for velars, 100 for bilabials and dentalveolars.’
    • ‘Proto Iroquoian, and most of the Iroquois daughters prior to European contact, had no bilabials whatsoever.’
    • ‘Thai speakers make a three way distinction for bilabials and alveolars.’
    • ‘But frustratingly the bilabials were noticeably missing.’
    • ‘At the same time, the pattern of variation in low frequency words suggests that a contact-induced change is underway, where bilabials are favored when the English cognate of a Spanish word has a bilabial.’
    • ‘Simply put, Arabic has no ‘Ps’ and all native Arabic speakers voice their bilabials as ‘Bs’, thus it is pretty obvious that any native Arabic speaker with an accent would say the word ‘pump’ as the word ‘bumb’.’