Definition of bilbo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbilbō/ /ˈbɪlboʊ/

nounbilbos, bilboes

  • A sword used in former times, noted for the temper and elasticity of its blade.

    ‘What I at first thought was a Spanish rapier of some sort, I now believe to be a Bilboa/Bilbao/Bilbo sword.’
    • ‘A bilbo is a finely tempered rapier design first made in Bilboa (Spain) during the middle ages and the renaissance.’
    • ‘The steel beladah was much like a sabre, but with a guard for the knuckles, while the bilbo was bore a close resemblance to a rapier.’


Mid 16th century from Bilboa, an earlier English form of the name Bilbao, noted for the manufacture of fine blades.