Definition of bilingualism in English:


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  • Fluency in or use of two languages.

    ‘his proficient bilingualism’
    • ‘earlier ads' playful bilingualism’
    • ‘Even more controversial was the government policy that carried bilingualism a step further.’
    • ‘The author's bilingualism is unambiguously inseparable from her self-identity.’
    • ‘By fostering individual bilingualism in anglophones, the program would also eventually produce qualified applicants for civil service positions.’
    • ‘Bilingualism is especially common among young, urbanized, professional Puerto Ricans.’
    • ‘Bilingualism underscores the role of language effects in creating an ethnic aesthetic.’
    • ‘Where they differed was in their association of bilingualism to specific languages.’
    • ‘Measuring attitudes toward bilingualism is a complex endeavor.’
    • ‘While there is little doubt that English is the preferred language in this area, bilingualism is also commonplace.’
    • ‘Are conscious attempts for bilingualism really advantageous for the child?’
    • ‘The belief that bilingualism confuses the mind and retards cognitive development is false.’



/ˌbīˈliNGɡwəlizəm/ /ˌbaɪˈlɪŋɡwəlɪzəm/