Definition of bill of sale in English:

bill of sale

Pronunciation /bɪl əv/


  • A certificate of transfer of personal property.

    ‘The wife has produced no documentation such as a bill of sale or a transfer of title document to confirm the alleged sale price of $12, 000.00.’
    • ‘EU legislation means that every boat and trailer must have its bill of sale, Vat receipt and CE approval certificate.’
    • ‘By the same token, a mortgagee of the goods who registers his bill of sale or, where the debtor is a company, his charge, is bound to defeat the claim of the creditor to whom the goods are hypothecated.’
    • ‘It included a certified copy of the bill of sale, absence of which had been one of the grounds given for rejection on first presentation.’
    • ‘Under the legislation, a bill of sale by way of security is void if not in statutory form or registered.’
    • ‘We all know in a regular sale we have a bill of sale, invoice or purchase order which has been drawn up, and the work is transferred subject to their terms and conditions.’
    • ‘The bill of sale will be calculated in Euros and the manual written in French.’
    • ‘When his client prompts him, he admits it would go faster if he could hire assistants to examine the bills of sale, the tax assessments, the census records.’
    • ‘But I believe it was my senior partner that held the real bill of sale.’
    • ‘I'll see if I can rustle up the bill of sale for you.’
    • ‘A photo and a supporting document, such as a bill of sale, may be added.’
    • ‘It can usually be identified only by apprentices' signatures or other documentation, such as a bill of sale.’
    • ‘Ten years later when the cousins reunite, Laura's gazing into death's gaping mouth, having suffered a possessive, repressive marriage to a man who violated their vows and acted as if the marriage contract were a bill of sale.’
    • ‘He looked after the mares until she got settled, branded the colts with his brand, and gave her a bill of sale.’
    • ‘On or about June 6, 2001, Triple Pizza executed a bill of sale under which Triple Pizza sold MAA the assets of the restaurant and the ‘goodwill’ of the franchised business.’
    • ‘Imagine my surprise when, sandwiched in between the bill of sale, I found a set of black and white photos taken in 1961.’
    • ‘Arizona reptile collectors thus take reticulated Gila monsters across the state line, sell them, and then immediately buy them back, so that the creature comes with a California bill of sale.’
    • ‘These are all things that STI delivers, even though they are not separately itemized on the bill of sale, and that is why STI is a going and healthy concern.’
    • ‘We were within one day of delivering this airplane, had prepared the bill of sale and had written you advising cancellation of the registration.’
    • ‘With the car, Lionel and his partners also inherited the car's original paperwork, including the bill of sale for £13,000.’