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billiard table

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  • A smooth rectangular cloth-covered table used for billiards and some forms of pool, typically with six pockets at the corners and sides into which the balls can be struck.

    ‘A billiard ball sitting on a billiard table needs to be struck in such a way to simultaneously reduce the risk of a rival scoring from it, and maximise the score available, for instance by potting it into a pocket.’
    • ‘It's not even the rainy season - or what we used to qualify as the rainy season, as if we knew anything about it in the first place - but the storms are stacked up out over the Pacific like pool balls on a billiard table and not a pocket in sight.’
    • ‘What could be more deterministic than the motion of billiard balls on a billiard table?’
    • ‘As smooth as a billiard table and gently winding through the lush, green North Island countryside, they pose fewer mechanical demands than most gravel rallies and invite drivers to attack them.’
    • ‘These three laws of motion are general, applying just as accurately to the behaviour of balls on a billiard table as to the motion of the heavenly bodies.’
    • ‘The wide, hard roads are as smooth as a billiard table and guarantee breathtaking speeds.’
    • ‘To illustrate, imagine a billiard table with balls lying in a certain position.’
    • ‘It was shiny and damp from the ocean fog, and the greens were as smooth as a billiard table.’
    • ‘On the left is a billiard room with an antique billiard table picked up from an army barracks in Clonmel, and straight across is the drawing room.’
    • ‘There was also a billiard table and there were lots of books in a corner.’
    • ‘They had a billiard table and I had never played billiards but he and his father played all the time and I remember thinking, ‘that must be rather nice’.’
    • ‘Inside were wonderfully carved, handsome pieces like six-legged snooker tables and eight-legged billiard tables.’
    • ‘The short crossing by propeller aircraft from the mainland is like drifting across a giant billiard table of brushed blue velvet, creased only by the occasional extravagant V made by a toy-sized fishing boat put-puttering for home.’
    • ‘Louis XIV's brother Duke Arthur - a bit of a playboy, by all accounts - installed a billiard table with pegs in the games room of his Castle Bagatelle gaff.’
    • ‘To the left, the main reception room interconnects into what the agent terms a play room or media room, where there is space for a billiard table, dartboard and bar.’
    • ‘His house was full of portraits and suits of armour, thick with dust and on the billiard table was a picture of himself and the Queen Mother, covered in cobwebs.’
    • ‘The beautifully constructed open-air dining hall sits right on the beach next door to a game room housing a billiard table and video games for the kids.’
    • ‘There was a ping-pong table as well as the TV, but she was much more interested in the billiard table.’
    • ‘An upper tier of bookcases was added in 1875, when excess books had started to pile up under the billiard table.’
    • ‘The first major difference from a billiard table is that one end is rounded instead of square.’


billiard table

/ˈbilyərd ˈtābəl/ /ˈbɪljərd ˈteɪbəl/