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‘Eleven New York City billposting firms were united into the Van Buren and New York Billposting Company.’
  • ‘Not only does it impact on our leading position on billposting large format in France, it also reinforces our position as the leader in customised billboard campaigns.’
  • ‘What other billposting could possibly confer such a high profile to the trade image you project onto the younger crowd?’
  • ‘The magazine was launched in the fall of 1894 by two partners, William H. Donaldson and James H. Hennegan, as a publication for the billposting business.’
  • ‘By means of an exceptional system (dynamic billposting, Internet banners,…), the organizations hope to make the public aware of the need to take a stand in the debate which is currently raging in the world of sports.’



/ˈbilˌpōstiNG/ /ˈbɪlˌpoʊstɪŋ/