Definition of binary coded decimal in English:

binary coded decimal


(also BCD)
  • 1Electronics
    A system for coding a number in which each digit of a decimal number is represented individually by its binary equivalent.

    ‘Naturally, it would be easy to design a special circuit for the binary coded decimal arithmetic.’
    • ‘We have many types of switch products that provide binary coded decimal output available.’
    • ‘The name of any data type stored and manipulated in decimal digits at the binary level is binary coded decimal or BCD for short.’
    • ‘Design of a compact reversible binary coded decimal adder circuit.’
    • ‘The performance of BCD operations can be improved through a redundant binary coded decimal representation which leads to carry-free operations.’
    1. 1.1A number represented as a binary coded decimal.
      ‘This is illustrated in FIG.1 wherein six digits of binary coded decimals are recorded for a specific frame.’
      • ‘In its 1972 Gottschalk v. Benson decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that an innovative method for transforming binary coded decimals into pure binary form could not be patented, even’
      • ‘When John wrote 1,900 years ago, he did not know anything about the binary number system, computers, or why computers would require binary coded decimals.’
      • ‘But this is actually a binary coded decimal 9 since only values from 0 to 9 are used 0000 to 1001.’
      • ‘My program is supposed to convert 8 bit binary numbers to binary coded decimal numbers. e.g..’


binary coded decimal

/ˈbīnərē/ /ˈbaɪnəri/ /ˈbīˌnerē kōdəd ˈdes(ə)məl/ /ˈbaɪˌnɛri koʊdəd ˈdɛs(ə)məl/