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  • 1Relating to or used with both ears.

    ‘human hearing is binaural’
    • ‘Such differences, called binaural or interaural disparities, are created by the different path lengths to the two ears and result in time and intensity differences that may be used to compute sound location.’
    • ‘Three-dimensional auditory display apparatus and method utilizing enhanced bionic emulation of human binaural sound localization’
    • ‘Our experience shows that only those patients who present binaural interference during binaural speech tests would not benefit from two hearing aids.’
    • ‘The specific auditory processing declines that are most likely to be very important include declines in monaural auditory temporal processing and binaural processing.’
    • ‘This encouraged us to try binaural fitting, which was very successful, not only to significantly improve her hearing, but also to reduce the tinnitus perception.’
    • ‘Additionally if there is reduced cochlear function in the operated ear it may not be possible to achieve binaural hearing.’
    1. 1.1Relating to sound recorded using two microphones and usually transmitted separately to the two ears of the listener.
      ‘The method being pursued at York and Sydney employs the technique of binaural sound synthesis, which seeks to recreate the illusion of sound all around the listener simply using two channels of sound, one channel delivered to each ear.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, a binaural headset with microphones on each side allows students to prepare some intriguing compositions in Pro Tools for Abbott's Sound and Space course.’
      • ‘TapeOp recently had a piece on building a binaural microphone.’
      • ‘To facilitate binaural recording the actors in The Dark House attached microphones to their ears and physically acted out all the scenes to communicate the movement of the characters in context, as well as sound.’
      • ‘Seemingly vital projects such as turning a polystyrene head into a binaural microphone now seem pointless.’
      • ‘Like most of Cardiffs works, Forty-Part Motet relies on a particular recording technology called binaural sound.’
      • ‘Milne also increased the understanding of wind and sound, in the course of refining the huge binaural listening trumpets which detected aircraft at night.’
      • ‘A recording of Stephen King's The Mist is seriously creepy (in Kunstkopf binaural sound!)’
      • ‘Another major consideration is whether the headset is binaural (covering both ears) or monaural (covering one ear), which again depends on both application and environment.’
      • ‘Using a psychoacoustic technique called binaural cue coding, MP3 Surround captures the spatial image information of multi-channel sound.’
      • ‘Unlike stereo sound, which attempts to simulate hearing a live performance, binaural recording uses ear mics to reproduce the spacious and true sound we hear between our ears, vibrating off our skull.’
      • ‘Here the binaural set is used again, this time to record the narration of the child protagonist and differentiate it from her onscreen speaking voice.’
      • ‘I started with the recording and used a binaural head for acoustic instruments and guitar recording along with my main mics.’
      • ‘Just wondering if anyone here's tried out things like this - it's a sound generator that apparently makes binaural beats with an aim to having an effect on the brain.’
      • ‘More realistic, spatial sounds can be provided using binaural, stereophonic technology.’
      • ‘The nice part about it is that you have total control over both the binaural waves and the carrier sound.’
      • ‘I've used simple dream machines to simple effects and I've used binaural beats and differing tapes and CD Roms utilising various different frequencies.’
      • ‘He was also one of the pioneers in binaural stereo recording and helped develop the 8-track tape.’
      • ‘I'm going to do some more investigation into binaural recording.’
      • ‘Using binaural technology, it has a data clip embedded into the special pen which senses movement and relays it back to the device.’



/bīˈnôrəl/ /baɪˈnɔrəl/