Definition of binge-drink in English:


intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Consume an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.

    ‘if you don't allow alcohol to be served at a stadium, fans will just go out and binge-drink before the game’
    • ‘A Health Minister last night led calls for a ban on 'dangerous' mobile phone apps that encourage young people to binge-drink.’
    • ‘A University of Melbourne study of 400 people presented at the same conference found 7 per cent of men aged over 60 were binge-drinking once a week.’
    • ‘Problem drinking is usually thought of in terms of young people binge-drinking in city centres, or people with alcohol dependency.’
    • ‘She highlighted the fact that this year the CDC reported that 1 in 8 women binge-drink three times a month.’
    • ‘The researchers found, not surprisingly, young adults, aged 18-30, tend to binge-drink more often than those who are aged in their fifties or sixties.’
    • ‘She binge-drinks, behaves appallingly and then can't remember what she did the next day.’
    • ‘Although college students commonly binge-drink, according to the institute, 70 percent of binge-drinking episodes involved adults age 26 and older.’
    • ‘"We have a culture where not only is it acceptable to binge-drink, it's a rite of passage," said the Sydney-based global ambassador for the growing online abstinence movement.’
    • ‘The report also details the sheer number of adults who binge-drink - 309,100 last year, 165,000 of them frequently.’
    • ‘They were alarmed when they saw their daughter had begun to binge-drink.’
    drink alcohol, take alcohol, tipple, indulge