Definition of binomial distribution in English:

binomial distribution

Pronunciation /bīˈnōmēəl ˌdistrəˈbyo͞oSHən/ /baɪˈnoʊmiəl ˌdɪstrəˈbjuʃən/


  • A frequency distribution of the possible number of successful outcomes in a given number of trials in each of which there is the same probability of success.

    ‘As and get larger, the distribution becomes closer to a Gaussian, although it is always flatter than the binomial distribution with success probability and independent outcomes.’
    • ‘The random component of our generalized linear model is the binomial distribution with probability of success equal to [theta].’
    • ‘Then Y follows a binomial distribution with number of trials n and probability of success P = C (here expressed as a decimal between 0 and 1).’
    • ‘Full-sib family sizes in a sample are assumed to follow either a Poisson distribution with parameter or a negative binomial distribution with parameters (probability of success) and (number of successes).’
    • ‘Such a ‘rate’ can be modeled statistically by the probability parameter of a binomial distribution.’